Schedule a list of strings

Post ordered updates with Delay, Interval, and a Template if needed.

Coo.tweet(updates, delay, interval, template, time_zone)
from coo import Coo

at = Coo(

tweets = [
    "My first awesome Twitter Update",
    "My second awesome Twitter Update",
    "My third awesome Twitter Update",
    "My fourth awesome Twitter Update",
    "My fifth awesome Twitter Update",
    "My sixth awesome Twitter Update",

# post the twitter updates


You can use datetime, date and time strings, integers as seconds and some Keywords: half_hour, one_hour, one_day and one_week between others to delay the post of your first update.

# datetime, date and time strings
at.tweet(tweets, delay="2030-11-24 13:45", time_zone="America/Santiago")
at.tweet(tweets, delay="2030-11-24", time_zone="Australia/Sydney")
at.tweet(tweets, delay="13:45", time_zone="America/New_York")

# "keywords"
at.tweet(tweets, delay="one_week")

# integer
at.tweet(tweets, delay=604800)


When parsing DateTime strings:

  • If a time zone is not specified, it will set to local.
  • The time will be set to 00:00:00 if it’s not specified.
  • When passing only time information the date will default to today.
  • A future date is needed, otherwise a ScheduleError is raised.

Here you can find all the Time Zones.


Use integers as seconds or some strings as Keywords: half_hour, one_hour, one_day and one_week between others.

# "keywords"
at.tweet(tweets, interval="four_hours")

# integers
at.tweet(tweets, interval=14400)

Media files

Use one media file for all of your updates:

at.tweet(tweets, media="path/to/media.jpeg")

Random updates

To tweet your updates randomly:

at.tweet(tweets, aleatory=True)


Keyword Seconds
now 0
half_hour 1800
one_hour 3600
two_hours 7200
four_hours 14400
six_hours 21600
eight_hours 28800
ten_hours 36000
twelve_hours 43200
fourteen_hours 50400
sixteen_hours 57600
eighteen_hours 64800
twenty_hours 72000
twenty_two_hours 79200
one_day 86400
two_days 172800
three_days 259200
four_days 345600
five_days 432000
six_days 518400
one_week 604800


You can also set one template for each one of the updates.

at.tweet(tweets, template=template)

Templates are very simple, just use a multiline string and add a $message where you want your message to appear.

template = """My aswesome header


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