coo: Schedule Twitter updates


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Coo is an easy to use Python library for scheduling Twitter updates. To use it, you need to first apply for a developer account in the Twitter Developers Platform and generate the Keys and Access Tokens.

from coo import Coo

at = Coo(

tweets = [
    ("2030-12-05 16:30", template, "Awesome Twitter update."),
    ("2030-10-28 18:50", template, "Another awesome Twitter update."),
    ("2030-10-29 18:15", template2, "One more update."),
    ("2030-11-01 13:45", None, "Twitter update without a template."),

at.schedule(tweets, time_zone="America/Santiago")

Or you can use a list of strings and add a delay, interval and template:

tweets = [
    "My first awesome Twitter Update",
    "My second awesome Twitter Update",
    "My third awesome Twitter Update",
    "My fourth awesome Twitter Update",
    "My fifth awesome Twitter Update",
    "My sixth awesome Twitter Update",

at.tweet(tweets, delay="13:45", interval="four_hours", template=my_template)